Are you confused about diversity, inclusion and what it means in business? Are you looking to better understand the role of diversity and inclusion in your life and business? Are you looking to better understand the path to more diverse and inclusive organizations, teams, communities and lives?

Our special guest Dr. Helen Turnbull answers these and other questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership.

Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP and Global Speaking Fellow, is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her extensive research focuses on unconscious bias and its impact on all aspects of inclusion. She has unparalleled knowledge on the complexity of inclusion; and a deep understanding of the patterns and mental models contributing to exclusion. Her “Inclusion Complexity Model” identifies 3 Immutable Forces and 4 Permeable Forces that play a key role in Inclusion and she knows what it takes to create an inclusive work environment.

Dr. Turnbull is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion – namely, Cognizant, the ISM profile and The Gender Gap Assessment. She also has an E-Learning program on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. In May 2013 she spoke at TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion”. She keynotes on these topics globally and has spoken to senior executives in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America and the USA.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Ways that diversity, equity and inclusion has changed (or not) over the past 40 years
  • One unconscious bias – we hire for diversity but still manage for similarity
  • Everyone has unconscious biases and they don’t go away (awareness brings them into your vision but you still must pay attention to them and catch them)
  • Unconscious bias as a mental virus
  • Defining and understanding unconscious biases and their impact
  • The unchallenged brain is not worth trusting
  • Strategies for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • The complexities of diversity and inclusion – The Inclusion Complexity Model
  • The role of dominance as an immutable force
  • Unconscious bias as an immutable force
  • Degrees of difference as an immutable force
  • Understanding intersectionality and its impact on diversity and inclusion (individuals and groups)
  • The role of the lived experience as a foundation of understanding diversity, equity and inclusion
  • The four permeable forces around diversity and inclusion (affinity bias, assimilation, political correctness (redefined as polite consideration) and internalized oppression)
  • Using the Inclusion Complexity Model to address diversity, equity and inclusion in your business
  • People of difference can tell the difference between genuine interest and lip service
  • The power of listening to your people without interrupting
  • Being intentional about opening space for others to speak


Special Guest

Dr. Helen Turnbull

CSP and Global Speaking Fellow, is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity.

TEDx speaker and author.

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