Are you looking to achieve and impact more? Do you want strategies to enhance your day-to-day effectiveness? Do you want to know the keys to being a great leader? Our special guest Cameron Campbell (Coach Cam) is here to answer these and many other questions about entrepreneurship, leadership, success and failure.

Cameron Campbell is a sports enthusiast and a serial and social entrepreneur. He’s spoken more than 1000 times to many sports and philanthropic organizations, including the NFL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball. He played Division I football at the University of Houston, and he’s turned his passion for sports into a career serving students as an athletic director and head coach.

He now empowers others as a business consultant and owns an organization called Texas Athletics Construction. He’s got a new book coming out this year called Win the First Quarter of Your Day: Playbook for Wealth, Health and Success.

Here’s what we love – Cameron is affectionately known as Coach Cam and is often described as a servant.

Listen in as Coach Cam shares his wisdom and experience in connecting sports leadership to business success.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Key business, leadership and entrepreneurship lessons from sports
  • The importance of learning to fail (not just quit)
  • Learn to celebrate the failures as well as the successes
  • The importance of getting outside of your comfort zone
  • When selecting team members focus more on people who’ve overcome challenges than people who’ve only had success
  • The importance of having the gifts and the grit
  • You must learn to overcome adversity in business and leadership
  • The growth mindset is not something you say – it’s something you live (a lifelong journey … playing the forever game)
  • Finding a new deficiency should excite you because you have something to work on
  • Character is built in losses and failures (not the wins)
  • Humility is an essential leadership trait
  • Humility doesn’t come from failure — humility comes from taking responsibility for that failure and fully owning it, and committing to learn from it
  • Financial success is not a zero sum game
  • Success in business comes in levels and stages, and your leadership needs to change with each level
  • The risk of labels and instead focus on what traits you want for each of your team members
  • The importance of getting clear about what we want, where we are and what we want things to be
  • The importance of winning the first quarter every day


Special Guest

Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell

Social Entrepreneur. Innovator. Servant.

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