Do you feel like your career and career path is stuck in neutral? Are you uncertain about what’s next for you and the best strategies to find the answers? Are you willing to ask yourself the challenging questions and ask for what you want? Our special guest Travis Wright covers these questions and many others as we explore all things career growth and transition. Travis’s journey began in aviation as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, later as an airline pilot before becoming a military staff officer and eventually a management consultant. This included a role as a liaison to the White House from the Drug Policy office. Travis is currently the Director of Growth at 3GIMBALS, a services firm supporting the intelligence community. He also spends his time writing, speaking and consulting to help people with their career progression and transition. Listen in as we share ideas on growing yourself and your career. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps your grow your people, grow your business and grow your life.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • What flying a helicopter can teach you about the importance of always moving forward
  • The importance of periodically assessing your growth and career
  • The things that often get in the way of thriving in your career
  • That delegation doesn’t require that the other person do things as well as you first (only 80% as well)
  • The importance of focusing on your strengths and surrounding yourself with people to support your weaknesses
  • The discernments leaders need to make and what type of leadership to use in different situations
  • The difference between career progression and career transition
  • The importance of regularly asking yourself what you’re learning, what you need to learn and the ways you need to grow
  • The vital need to regularly ask yourself the question, “What’s next?”
  • Leadership and growth require ongoing learning and curiosity
  • The important role that leaders play by encouraging their team members to grow, stretch and seek out growth opportunities
  • That growing your career requires that you personally own that progression
  • To get clear on what you need to learn and grow into on your growth and career paths
  • The generational differences on career growth and advancement and the differing hungers for each (requiring different leadership approaches)
  • The importance of knowing yourself on your career progression journey, including having a group of personal / career advisors
  • A simple approach to getting important feedback from others
  • It comes down to know yourself in order to grow yourself


Special Guest

Travis Wright

Travis Wright

Director of Growth at 3GIMBALS and speaker, author, and consultant on career progression and transition.

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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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