Are you ready to be more brave in your life and leadership? Are you ready to face your fears and lead with greater purpose, alignment and intentionality? Do you want tool to enhance your bravery in leadership?

Our special guest Nicole Bianchi answers these and other questions about overcoming resistance, bravery and leadership … and what it means to lead as your bravest self.

Nicole Bianchi is a founding partner at Bravium HD, where she’s a professional speaker, facilitator and ICF executive coach leading leadership, team alignment and culture-building workshops. Before Bravium, she was a human resources and organizational development executive, leading transformation within Conagra Brands and Markel Insurance.  She is the author of “Small Brave Moves” by New Degree Press in April, 2021.

Her passion? Inspiring Bravery. Her focus? Enabling leaders to stretch into their bravest selves. She decided to write this book when she saw the common missing element in leaders was bravery, everyday bravery. Immediately she thought, how can I help?

Giving back to her community is important; Nicole and her family have partnered to bring the Butterfly Effect Movement, a national movement to Papillion, NE. The Social Butterfly Installations are an art project mural designed to promote positive community change.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Understanding the concept of bravership and the power of this daily question, “What’s the bravest thing I did today?”
  • What it means to stand up for who you are, and the purpose and values you bring to the table
  • The reality that we’re discouraging from being brave inside and organization and rewarded for it outside an organization
  • Understanding the fears that hold you back in your leadership
  • The truth that bravery often comes in small steps
  • The three most common fears: 1. Fear of loss; 2. Fear of change; and 3. Fear of not getting it right
  • Did you know that 62% of people prefer the status quo
  • The power of giving yourself permission to experiment
  • The impact of asking yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen
  • The importance of transparency and vulnerability in leadership
  • The importance of bringing your authentic self to your leadership
  • Have you done your deep work on your own values and self
  • Experiential exploration of intentionality
  • Key differences between high performance and impactful leadership
  • Ways your resistance is an obstacle to change
  • What it means to make small brave moves in leadership and life
  • Key questions to ask yourself regarding your fears
  • Don’t trust your first answers to the difficult questions to yourself
  • Understanding the role of resistance in change efforts
  • Better and differently understanding your fears
  • Reframing bravery


Special Guest

Nicole Bianchi

Founding partner at Bravium HD

Professional speaker, facilitator and ICF executive coach

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