Do you want to lead with more influence and impact? Are you committed to growing yourself and your leadership? Do you want to inspire others into action?

Our special guest Phil Johnson answers these and other questions about leadership, emotional intelligence, living in the present and growing your consciousness in order to grow your leadership.

Phil Johnson is an executive coach, trainer, international speaker, leadership and emotional intelligence advisor, and creator of the Master of Business Leadership Program and podcast. He’s also the Founder and CEO of the Master of Business Leadership program (MBL).

The MBL focuses on the development of emotional intelligence. Over the past 21 years MBL has been promising and delivering greater earning power and career advancement around the world.

Phil also runs the MBL YouTube channel and co-hosts the MBL podcast. Phil continues to inspire other business leaders through the MBL program, executive coaching, speaking engagements, and his writing. Phil has published several books including the MBL Success Map, MBL Tribal Wisdom, The Servant Warrior Leader, and The New Economic Currency.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Today’s state of leadership – a desperate need for authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Redefining emotional intelligence in the context of navigating fear in different ways
  • Ways that authenticity builds followership (emotional contagions) and enhances your energy
  • Truth that our unconscious minds drive most of our habits and behaviors
  • Different perspectives on and strategies for fear
  • Understanding the drama triangle (drama, chaos and conflict) and its impact on communication, relationships and leadership
  • Are you a sheep dog, a sheep or a wolve in your leadership?
  • Emotional intelligence growth is an exponential multiplier in results
  • Understanding the unconscious nature of victimhood personally and professionally
  • Ways we use internal stories to justify and rationalize our behaviors
  • Understanding the biological and sociological resistance to change (and the role of a coach in overcoming it)
  • The cost of disengagement in business
  • The power of the space between stimulus and response – this is the space of leadership
  • The path to impactful leadership is enhancing your level of consciousness
  • Power of presence in leadership (most present person is the most influential)
  • Exploring the key obstacles to growing your emotional intelligence
  • This moment is the only thing that’s real
  • If your actions don’t inspire others, to follow your example, you’re not a leader
  • We have to act our way into thinking differently
  • Impact of fear-based decision making and leadership on trust and relationships
  • Being more present versus being less distracted
  • Leadership isn’t a position. It’s not a title, it’s a choice.
  • Key habits than enhance our consciousness, presence and influence
  • Reality that the riskiest thing is to fail to lead (it’s riskier than choosing to lead)
  • Strategies for finding and hiring people with higher emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence is an experiential process (not an intellectual process)


Special Guest

Phil Johnson

Founder, Master of Business Leadership

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