Are you looking to grow your leadership? Do you want to be a more impactful leader? Are you ready to tap into your zone of genius as a leader?

Our special guest Anna Liebel (Reykjavík Iceland) answers these and other questions about leadership, vulnerability and self-leadership.

Anna Liebel is the creator of what she calls the Zone of Genius and her mission is to live happily and help others choose to do the same. As a Mindshifter, she helps male leaders in tech get out of the firefighter mode, become the proactive Leaders they want to be, and enjoy the ride as they go.

Anna’s background is in engineering and project management, and back in the corporate days, she met too many brilliant humans who acted as stressed, overwhelmed managers-firefighters. She is committed to shifting the workplace practices to empower these brilliant humans to become the Genius Leaders they can be.

Her practice is highly customized to address the needs and the current situation of every Leader Anna works with. The main goal is to create a safe space for the leaders to explore new practices, learn to understand themselves and others better and get the support they have been lacking while being the go-to person for everyone else in their organizations. As her clients put it, “it’s a real luxury to be selfish for this one hour per week and have space to focus on myself and my needs only.”

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Unique challenges for men in leadership
  • Vital role of vulnerability in leadership
  • Differently understand vulnerability in leadership
  • Vulnerability is the opposite of control
  • Key challenges for men to be vulnerable in their leadership
  • Sustainable leadership leads to happier and healthier workplaces, with families and in communities
  • Differently understanding the alpha male story
  • Sustainable leadership starts with doing the inside work first
  • Role of boundaries in impactful leadership
  • Today’s workforce is more often working too much rather than not enough
  • Importance of curiosity in leadership
  • Self-leadership and self-inclusion in overall leadership
  • Ways your inner compass helps you steer the storms of life
  • Strategies for enhancing your sense and practice of self-inclusion as a leader
  • Differently navigating fear as a leader
  • Importance of self-care for leadership (especially men)
  • Exploring your Zone of Genius as a leader
  • Knowing and claiming your gifts
  • Cost of taking care of everyone else without embracing your own self-care
  • Importance of creating space between your initial reaction and your thoughtful response
  • Role of self-awareness and pattern spotting in your leadership
  • Taking your power back in your leadership
  • Becoming more aware of your triggers in order to amplify your leadership


Special Guest

Anna Liebel

Coach, and Creator of the Zone of Genius

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