Are you often focused on doing in your leadership? Have you ever felt stuck in your business or career journey? Are you looking for tools to enhance your leadership effectiveness and impact? Do you want to learn to be more resourceful as a leader?

Our special guest Noa Ronen is back to answer these and other questions about leadership, change management and Being the leader you desire to BE.

Noa Ronen is a speaker, certified executive coach, author, disruptor, and coffee lover with more than 20 years of experience in change management, human resources, project management, and coaching.

Noa encourages founders, executives, social leaders and their teams to challenge the norms so they can create the change they desire. As part of her want to do things differently she founded the Walking Mastermind™ a unique networking system for leaders that allows people and communities to network outdoors.

Noa’s personal relocation experience from Israel to the United States resulted in a refreshing view of the world that invites you to hold a new mindset of what she calls BEyond leadership where you hold your leadership BEyond yourself, your vision and values to engage and grow others to BE their best selves.

Noa’s the author of the book BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess: Dare to BE the Leader You Can Be.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • What is BEyond leadership
  • You can BE anything (even if you can’t do everything)
  • The fears we have of Being
  • Understanding the BEing of the system especially with your team
  • The importance of having conversations with your people in order to understand them
  • The risks of only doing in leadership (and failing to be)
  • The critical role of why and purpose in achieving your objectives
  • Getting honest about what’s important and not important
  • Courage is moving ahead even when you feel uncertain and even weak
  • Redefining courage
  • The importance of learning the systems inside your team and organization that don’t align with your values
  • Learn about a change formula: D (doing) x BE3 (emotions, expectations, energy)
  • Leaders lean back rather than lean in


Special Guest

Noa Ronen

Speaker, certified executive coach, author, disruptor, and coffee lover

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