Are you seeking to achieve peak performance? Are you looking to achieve alignment between your priorities and your actions? Do you want tools and strategies to enhance and accelerate your balanced performance in life and business?

Our special guest Katie Stoddart (Sweden) answers these and other questions about peak performance, balance and removing the obstacles that get in our way.

Katie Stoddart is the Founder of ‘The Focus Bee’ and an award-winning, international, high-performance coach. Katie supports founders and executives on sustaining peak performance in their business. 

Katie started her career as an engineer, working offshore, mapping the seafloor. From her time at sea, she gained the experience of managing teams under stressful circumstances and this led her towards coaching. She has coached in English, French, Spanish and German. 

For her weekly podcast ‘The Focus Bee Show’, Katie interviews leading experts in high performance. She’s passionate about leadership, performance and resilience. Katie challenges every person she works with to re-focus on what matters most. Katie works primarily with entrepreneurs & executives through one-on-one coaching and workshops on focus, leadership and performance.   

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Peak performance is overall balance while pursuing excellence (striving and thriving)
  • Balance is adjusting areas that you’ve underprioritized
  • Self-leadership requires doing your identity work and creating healthier habits
  • The ego challenge to making identity shifts
  • The importance of identifying and acknowledging the “wins” of the behaviors you want to change
  • Our subconscious defaults to certainty and comfort zone unless we’re aware and willing to shift
  • Ways that not “knowing” what to do is a form of resistance to change and pursuing what you desire
  • Ways we get stuck in the doing
  • Naming your internal saboteurs as a strategy to be more aware of them and avoid them
  • Not enough is the foundation for all internal saboteurs
  • The role of emotions in personal change and transformation
  • We hesitate to acknowledge the truth of choices because then we can’t blame or be the victim (blame doesn’t exist)
  • Strategies for inviting others to take responsibility and change themselves (versus demanding that they take responsibility and change)
  • The critical role of why and purpose in change (including taking the focus off themselves and onto others)
  • The vital role of energy in leadership and performance
  • Paying attention to the energy of your space
  • Beware energy thieves including unfinished tasks
  • Beware the words you use to enhance or diminish your energy
  • The “busy excuse” is an excuse for not making something a priority
  • Alignment of values, priorities and actions is essential
  • The reality of conflicts between long term vision and short-term gains (dopamine hits)
  • Regularly assess your time allocation based upon priorities
  • Important role of focus in managing energy and time, and a lens through which we choose to see things through
  • Strategies for enhancing their focus
  • Clarity is essential for peak performance and achieving your goals and objectives


Special Guest

Katie Stoddart

Founder of ‘The Focus Bee’ and an award-winning, international, high-performance coach

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