Are you looking to grow your leadership, impact and engagement? Are you curious about the ways that understanding and using your soul intelligence will enhance your leadership and impact? Are you committed to enhancing your team’s impact and performance?

Our special guest Kristine Glein answers these and other questions about performance, team engagement and soul intelligence.

Kristine Glein is a conscious leadership coach committed to bringing the power of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) into the mainstream. She is dedicated to helping executive and senior leadership transform their managers into game changing leaders resulting in increased performance, consistency and alignment with the best version of themselves so they can make a greater impact on their individual teams and the organization as a whole.

When it comes to motivating others to meet and exceed expectations, Kristine knows you must have your purpose and passion aligned, as that’s when you are able to fully stand in your power and embody your potential. It’s this fundamental transformational change that allows you to access the flow of energy within you by tapping into your Soul Intelligence. It drives your actions, enabling you to leverage your talents and gifts and share with others to influence and inspire. There is no doubt that we need more soulful leaders in this world. A native New Yorker, she is tenacious and singularly focused making Soul Intelligence not just a concept, but a sweeping movement across the country.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Using the Game Changer Index to grow yourself and your team
  • The role of intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ) and soul quotient (SQ)
  • IQ only uses 5% of the brain – your subconscious mind is the other 95%
  • Understanding the DSCO coaching model (Drama – Solution – Choice – Opportunity)
  • It’s vital to get clear on identifying and living mission, vision, values and purpose
  • People (especially millennials) want to be motivated by the work
  • Trust and transparency are vital in managers and leaders
  • Focus your people development on your mid-performers (not your poor performers)
  • Understanding inside out problem solving
  • Understanding and solving our engagement issues and opportunities
  • The ROI of investing in your people
  • Understanding the Game Changing Index and ways to use it in your business
  • The power and impact of soul intelligence


Special Guest

Kristin Glein

Conscious leadership coach

Committed to bringing the power of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) into the mainstream

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