Are you missing passion in your business and life journey? Are you looking for strategies to help you increase your passion and outcomes? Do you want to have a clear vision for your business?

Our special guest John Miles answers these and other questions about passion, purpose and impact.

John Miles is the Founder of Passion Struck™ and the host of Passion Struck Podcast. Passion Struck™ exists to ignite the next generation of game-changing companies and future leaders to make a real and lasting impact on the world. Becoming Passion Struck is for those of us who the box can’t contain — for game-changers, shapers, innovators, record makers, empire builders, career reinventors, and visionaries of all kinds. 

John is passionate about being the catalyst who helps individuals and businesses take action on their ideas. He is a combat veteran, multi-industry CEO, successful entrepreneur, top podcast host, and author who is making passion go viral. Although best known as the President and CEO of Genius Central Systems and CIO of Dell, John’s career as a servant leader spans more than two decades. He’s founded or co-founded more than half a dozen successful start-ups, mentored rising entrepreneurs, and invested in successful tech ventures.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The power of saying “yes”
  • Choose to seek out discomfort and challenge yourself
  • Three key challenges in business and leadership today – “contagion of the human mind, human spirit and ego” (comfort, apathy and showmanship)
  • Ways that vulnerability is essential is leadership and relationships
  • Taking the governor off your mind
  • Passion follows purpose
  • It’s vital for leaders to have a coach and keys to picking a coach
  • Self-honesty is critical in leadership
  • The importance of facing and dealing with your self-limiting beliefs
  • Leaders are judged by their actions, not their words
  • Stop helping other people achieve their dreams and start achieving their own dreams
  • Prioritize what matters in your life
  • Applying the mosquito principle and audit in your life – suffocator, blood sucker and pain in the ass
  • Getting past the bull shit answers and getting to the real answer
  • The number one thing that people aren’t doing is being present in their own life


Special Guest

John R. Miles

Founder of Passion Struck™ and

the host of Passion Struck Podcast

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