Are you committed to leading with more humanness? Are you ready to lead with more people impact? Do you want to learn the tools and power of stories?

Our special guest Arthur Jones answers these and other questions about stories, leadership and humanizing your brand.

Arthur Jones is the founder of two companies – The Art of Standing Out (a leadership development firm) and The Art of Inbound Marketing (a marketing agency). Arthur has been described as a people centric, growth focused business strategy architect, as well as a brand story architect.

Arthur helps businesses and their customer-facing teams employ tools, strategies, and hybrid work models enabling collaboration and co-creation with the customers they serve. He’s also developed a concept called R.O.A.R – Return On Authentic Relationships.

His mission – to make meaning by enriching the lives of the business professionals they work with, and ultimately creating a more just and caring world.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • What is a brand story architect?
  • The power of stories and storytelling
  • The source of the loss of the art of storytelling
  • Understanding what it means to R.O.A.R. as a leader (return on authentic relationships)
  • Being a humanologist (seek first to understand)
  • The Big 3 of stories: 1. Story listening; 2. Story building; 3. Storytelling
  • Obstacles to bringing more humanness into your leadership
  • Leadership shifts for a remote and hybrid workforce
  • Leadership top three … Integrity, Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Leadership requires the courage to do the right thing
  • Humanizing your brand


Special Guest

Arthur Jones

Founder, The Art of Standing Out 

Founder, The Art of Inbound Marketing

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