Do you want to be an intentional leader? Do you want to have more influence as a leader? Are you committed to putting your people first and to leading with a focus on humanizing your people? Are you looking for tools to lead in the new workforce realities?

Our special guest Dr. Ian Brooks answers these and other questions about leadership, intention and what he calls amplifying your return on heartbeats.

Dr. Ian D. Brooks is the CEO and founder of Rhodes Smith Consulting, a personal and professional development firm specializing In behavioral transformations. He’s also the author of Intention: Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story.

For over 24 years, Dr. Brooks’ career has taken him from working in a clinical ward to working with organizations and people with the goal of helping individuals build skills toward achieving new heights. His clients include Netflix, Shondaland, Bank of America, Guitar Center, Nike Inc. Sony, and Warner Brothers.

His passion for working with individuals seeking expansion and leaders within organizations to develop key skills and working with their teams is built on the mastery of intentions and consistency of capabilities.  

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The difference between creating the plan versus trying to control the path
  • The role of impact and influence in leadership
  • Leadership is defined by actions and outputs (not by title and outcomes)
  • When people feel heard and engaged, you have a true people impact
  • Understanding the difference between engaging with your people versus getting engagement from your people
  • Leaders must constantly assess what you’re willing to DO (and be clear in prioritizing your do’s)
  • The value of making time for celebrating your people and successes
  • Leadership is a verb – what are you prepared to DO in your leadership
  • Beware the trap of over thinking as a leader
  • The role of unconscious bias and unconscious decisions in your leadership
  • Moving beyond thinking about your leadership to doing about your leadership
  • Leaders respond rather than react
  • Risk is a part of leadership (leaders are experts at assessing the risks)
  • Assessing what’s the worst that can happen (and its likelihood)
  • Leaders ask great questions and listen
  • Role of vulnerability in leadership including the leader’s pause
  • Leadership requires allowing the quiet and listen
  • Leadership and new workplace realities (the Great Resignation)
  • Replacing ROI thinking with Return on Heartbeats leadership
  • Leadership with an empowered workforce
  • Role of intentionality in leading and managing remote or hybrid workforces
  • Leadership lessons from the movie To Sir With Love


Special Guest

Dr. Ian Brooks

CEO and founder of Rhodes Smith Consulting

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