Are you feeling stuck in your old ways of thinking? Are you looking to grow your business and your leadership? Are you looking for tools to help you create, allow and receive more of everything in your life?


Our special guest Deborah Peters answers these and other questions about leadership, self-awareness, mindsets and program repatterning.


Deborah Peters is the Founder of the Neuro Engineering Institute and an international business coach and mind set expert. She’s provided training, coaching and keynote speeches to companies in 17 countries in a wide variety of industries for the past 20 years. Deborah was a single mother at 15 with a trauma-based background from a poverty stricken, alcoholic and abusive background. She has successfully outlived her past and created a thriving life and organization that is of service to humanity through business growth. they Guide Business Leaders Into Alignment With Their Highest Potential, Cultivating Mastery of Mind, Life & Business. 


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Repatterning any thought pattern or emotional program that’s keeping you from your greatness
  • The real mindset journey is taking it from your head to your heart
  • The difference between being it (in mindset) versus talking about it
  • The trap of self-validation
  • Embracing the pause in your leadership
  • Navigating the realities of fear in leadership
  • Realities of organizational mindsets and energies
  • Three key types of energies: Movers, ideas and connectors
  • Overcoming the need for external validation in order to allow results to occur
  • Seeing fear of failure and fear of success as the same thing (a mental programming)
  • Understanding repatterning – allowing it to happen to you versus being intentional with your repatterning


Special Guest

Deborah Peters

Founder of the Neuro Engineering Institute and an international business coach and mindset expert

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