Are you looking to shift, enhance or accelerate your career? Do you sometimes lack the confidence you desire in your career and leadership? Is your emotional intelligence building your career or holding you back?


Our special guest LaPora Lindsey answers these and other questions about leadership, confidence, emotional intelligence and impact.


Anlecta “LaPora” Lindsey is a motivational speaker, life coach and author who helps her clients develop and grow their careers through career coaching and life skills management. She’s certified in emotional intelligence training, life skills coaching and professional resume writing.


As an avid volunteer, LaPora dedicates her time as a Committee Mentor for #ICANHELP. A military spouse of thirteen years, LaPora and her husband have two children and have recently made their sixth—and last—military-ordered move to Colts Neck, NJ. LaPora’s articles have been featured in Military Spouse Magazine—a nationally syndicated magazine and blog that reaches 1.1 million readers—Kitsap Military Times and NAS Patuxent River installation paper. 


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Differently understanding confidence – what it is and how to achieve it
  • The critical role of mindset in your confidence and career
  • Understanding the difference between your self-confidence and the confidence others have in you
  • Four core areas of emotional intelligence: 1. Self-awareness; 2. Self-management; 3. Social awareness; and 4. Relationship management
  • Strategies for navigating past imposter syndrome
  • Self-awareness – What you know about yourself (not necessarily with aligned action)
  • Self-management – Action you take based upon your self-awareness
  • Social awareness – What you see in social situations and interpersonal interactions (including your impact on others)
  • Importance of empathy in your leadership and career
  • Why we’re often harder on ourselves than anyone else
  • Relationship management – The advanced skill that requires self-awareness, self-management and social awareness to differently navigate your relationships
  • Understanding and navigating your triggers
  • Trap of labeling emotions as either positive or negative (shifting to healthy versus unhealthy emotions)
  • Role and importance of discomfort in growth, change and development
  • Differently understanding and experiencing rejection and the fear of rejection (rejection as a tool of wisdom and patience)
  • Learning is a choice and you can have experiences without learning anything
  • Reframing your biases about potential employees relating to military partners
  • Pride as a key driver for engagement and culture (organizational impacts and values)


Special Guest

LaPora Lindsey

Motivational speaker, life coach and author who helps her clients develop and grow their careers through career coaching and life skills management

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