Are you clear about your business model and is it the right business model for your business and market? Are you looking to grow and scale your business? Are you committed to growing your leadership?


Our special guest Kimberly Ofori (The Netherlands) answers these and other questions about leadership, scaling up, business models, and diversity, equity and inclusion.


Kimberly Ofori is an entrepreneur, strategist and business consultant, and is currently the Managing Director at Ofori & Co. – A Strategy & Innovation Agency where she helps scaleups and corporations innovate their business models and overall strategic positioning in their respective markets.


Thanks to her rather unconventional corporate and entrepreneurial career; from climbing up the career ladder starting at very young age, to working and living in the Middle East, Africa and Europe where she founded and sold two companies – she’s amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience on what it takes to choose to be in the lead of your own life, in your career and on leading others. This is why Kimberly has been coaching leaders and leadership teams on personal leadership using The Lead method, a personal leadership methodology developed by Kimberly herself.


Kimberly also functions as an advocate, advisor and initiator of many gender and racial equity projects worldwide and fulfills a number of Board advisory roles as well.


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Understanding the importance and value of choosing the right business model for your business
  • The of value position in growing and scaling your business
  • Understanding different types of business models
  • Role of business models and strategy in scaling up your business
  • Seeing your product or service from the perspective of the person who’s going to be “buying” it
  • Strategies for learning to seeing your business, customers and business models differently
  • Leaders help people see things, situations and opportunities differently
  • The importance of learning from your failures (and a process for learning)
  • Understanding that scaling is not always fast
  • Role of reflection in learning and growth (Learning = Experience + Reflection)
  • What is personal leadership and why it matters
  • Importance of asking the question what you really want
  • Understanding key leadership myths about making mistakes, failures and learning
  • Risks of policies in limiting your growth, learning and innovation
  • Different ways to explore diversity as an organizational goal
  • Importance of understanding your values and goals in leadership
  • Critical questions and ideas for diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Being intentional in your leadership
  • Leadership Wisdom – Make a conscious decision to take charge of the decisions that you’re making and keep asking yourself “Why?”


Special Guest

Kimberly Ofori

Managing Director at Ofori & Co

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