Episode 3 – Must Be Present to Win

How Being Present Can Radically Improve Your Game

What if you could live and lead with less stress and more joy? What if you could live most of every day in the present with deeper relationships, better connections, a more engaged team, a more high performing team, a more profitable team, and accelerated team, simply by living more in the present every day. We’ll answer these questions today. What presence is and what it isn’t? What are ways to live more present every day? Most important, we’ll show the path to living and leading unstoppable every day through the gift of presence. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps your grow your people, grow your business and grow your life.
Show Notes
In this episode you’ll learn …
  • Why presence is the secret sauce for more effective leadership and better teams and relationships.
  • Ways the being more present will build your team and help them feel seen, heard and safe.
  • Why presence is the path to being unstoppable, personally and professionally.
  • The obstacles to and myths about presence (and ways to overcome them).
  • Why being present with someone is the greatest gift you can gift to another person.
  • Guaranteed strategies and tools for getting present and living there.


Your Hosts

Jeff Nischwitz

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Craig Mathews

Strategist, innovator, consultant, and
CEO of Cardivera