Do you struggle with communication? Is conflict communication one of your leadership and life challenges? Are you committed to enhancing your leadership through communication? Our special guest Jonathan Miller will be offering you ideas, perspective shifts and tools to achieve all of your communication enhancement goals.

Jonathan is the Founder of Mindful Communication, and he’s a conflict transformation coach and expert. A former trainer with Landmark and certified professional coach, Jonathan is an expert on communication, conflict and non-violent communication. Jonathan will be sharing many tangible ways to enhance your communication, leadership and impact.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Shifting from avoiding conflict as a goal to embracing conflict as a learning experience and a path to enhanced relationships and better outcomes
  • The ways that avoiding conflict damage relationships, break trust and limit the solutions and innovation
  • Understanding the silence or violence approach to conflict
  • The impact of shifting your default conflict to collaboration over avoidance
  • Conflict is often a precursor to positive change in our lives
  • Conflict is a normal and natural occurrence
  • Conflict cannot be avoided (only pushed off into the future) – the impact of conflict ultimately surfaces
  • The ways that avoiding or ignoring conflict and emotions is unhealthy
  • Embracing the “partnership mindset” when it comes to communication and conflicts
  • Knowing when it’s best to not have the conflict conversation in the heat and emotions of the conflict.
  • Feelings and emotions are not the issue with conflict – the issue is addressing the conflict when you’re still deeply feeling the emotions
  • Communication is more a way of being than a way of communicating
  • Assume that everyone on earth is rational and seek to understand the rationale behind their behavior and communication
  • Being aware that most conflict is based upon a collision of each person’s truth in that moment … the questions is not if they’re right or wrong, but the ways their truth collides with your truth (perceptions)
  • Many conflicts are based upon unconscious behaviors and beliefs
  • The importance of forgiveness in resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Effective conflict communication is directly connected to the growth mindset (everything is an opportunity to grow)
  • Seeing people in our lives and even conflicts as a gift in our lives and leadership
  • Non-violent communication is really about more compassion and vulnerable communication


Special Guest

Jonathan Miller

Founder of Mindful Communication, and a conflict transformation coach

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