Are you wondering if you’re worthy of having dreams? Have you experienced setbacks and wonder if you can still achieve success? Are you ready to find your passion and purpose? Our special guest Dr. Kevin Snyder will answer these and many other questions as we explore the path to leading and living with more passion and purpose.

Dr. Kevin Snyder is an inspirational keynote speaker, the author of multiple books and has spoken around the world on topics like culture, team empowerment, inspiration and workforce generations. He also started a business helping speakers build their speaking businesses. Kevin started his career in higher education after struggling on his education journey, but later chose to follow his calling as a professional speaker.

Kevin is with us today to share his ideas and wisdom on leadership, inspiration, overcoming obstacles and living a more empowered and fulfilled life. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps your grow your people, grow your business and grow your life.

Show Notes

Episode highlights …

  • The importance of understanding who you really are
  • The ways that our passions can be cyclical
  • The many things you can learn when you give up something that you love
  • Having your own business is the hardest work there is, but it’s not work if you love what you do and it’s your purpose
  • What it means to have and pursue a dream
  • The importance of burning the boat when you pursue your dreams – being all in
  • You can achieve your dreams despite financial setbacks and challenges
  • Understanding what gets in the way of you pursuing your dreams
  • Overcoming the doubts of worthiness and pursuing your calling
  • The importance of scheduling joy every day
  • Being happy is not being an absence of adversity but choosing happiness in the midst of adversity
  • Ways to turn drama in the purpose
  • How can use your challenges, adversity and story to help others
  • Leadership is about connection and connection is about vulnerability
  • Leadership is not about always having it together – leader ship is about being willing to share openly and authentically in order to build connection and trust
  • “People doubt their believes and believe their doubts“
  • Even if the story is true it doesn’t always mean that it’s the truth
  • Humanize your business and your team by sharing your story and being vulnerable
  • The role of your self-beliefs in achieving your objectives
  • Greatness begins by believing that you deserve it
  • Just say yes – when you say no you’re often saying no to new opportunity


Special Guest

Dr. Kevin C. Snyder

Dr. Kevin C. Snyder

Speaker, Author, Motivator

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