Do you want to be more effective as a leader? Do you want to build a strong foundation of trust with your team? Do you want the secret sauce for leadership influence and impact? Our special guest Dr. Kevin Basik is here to give you tools for all of these and to help you accelerate your leadership and impact.

Kevin is the President of Basik Insight, a company dedicated to energizing, enlightening and equipping organizations to lead with character. He’s also an internationally-recognized speaker, a published scholar, an award-winning instructor, a recognized developmental expert, and most importantly – a proven leader. He’s spent over 23 years studying and applying values-based leadership development.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Kevin earned his Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Virginia Tech, and his PhD in Organizational Behavior from Florida State University’s College of Business, studying the concept of “behavioral integrity” as a driver of trust, accountability and performance. He’s also a 23-year officer veteran of the US Air Force, retiring as a Lt. Colonel and serving as one of the top advisors to Pentagon senior leaders on issues of Professionalism and values-based leadership.

Kevin is with us today to share his ideas and wisdom on what it takes to build trust and influence as a leadership.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • What does it mean to be a values-based leader
  • The importance of getting clear on your leader identify and values
  • People follow character over skills
  • That even in the military character and heart are core leadership elements
  • Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, but a source of trust building and power
  • Trust evolves and someone has to go first in vulnerability (this is the leadership opportunity)
  • Authenticity just be consistent (people see through the act)
  • The importance of being clear on your values and paying attention when you drift away
  • Holding people accountable is not inconsistent with vulnerability and humility
  • Behavioral integrity – when your actions align with who you say you are (and you do what you say you’re going to do)
  • Beware of believing you regularly do what you say you’re going to do (and get support to identify when and where you don’t)
  • The big cost of being out of integrity is trust
  • People look up to their leaders focused on character, but leaders often look to their team focused on technical skills and performance – this often leads to high performers (technically) erroneously being promoted into leadership
  • Toxic leaders kiss up to people above them and kick down on the people below them
  • Team members look to their leaders and ask two questions: Am I safe and are we safe? Unsafe team members hoard ideas, collaboration, support, engagement, communications, resources, etc.
  • The key to building trust is doing what you say you’re going to do
  • There’s no perfect integrity … what matters is that you care when you’re out of integrity and take action to correct it (your integrity recovery moment usually makes your relationships and organization better)
  • Declare your identity and share it with others (so they can help you live it)
  • Identify your key stakeholders in your life for the next few years and declare your identity to them
  • Declaring your identity and sharing it is an act of leadership vulnerability
  • Regularly evaluate your integrity and make necessary adjustments for greater alignment of words / values and actions
  • What vulnerability is and isn’t
  • The two-word challenge for leaders
  • Make sure to give people around the rope to help hold you accountable to your intentions, identity and integrity
  • Ask your people what they want from you in order to follow you (No. 1 lever for influencing people is to lead by example)
  • People always listen more to your video (actions) than to your audio (words)
  • Your example is a powerful tool to move forward your relationships, teams and organizations
  • Pay attention to your behavior integrity goggles
  • Regularly write a letter to your key life and business stakeholders to clearly communicate who you intend to be with them
  • Life and leadership is all about relationships


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