Do you struggle with getting things done? Are you easily distracted from your tasks and projects? Would you like better strategies to help you be more effective and consistent in executing and achieving? Our special guest Julie Johnson answers all of these questions and more about keys for effectiveness and achievement.

Julie Johnson is an entrepreneur and the President of Heart and Solutions, a strength based counseling agency. She’s also the Founder of Stories from the Heart which publishes children’s books focused on mental health and therapeutics. Most important, Julie has developed great skills and approaches to help you be more productive and effective in getting the right and most important things done.

Listen in as Julie shares her many ideas on what it takes to consistently achieve your objectives.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • “The biggest trap in life is a good job”
  • Ways to empower your children in learning and entrepreneurship
  • Understanding the EMDR healing process – reprogramming your beliefs and stories to help you achieve your desired goals and life
  • The importance of understanding what makes your business different and different ways to lead based upon your business and your team members
  • The importance of knowing your own strengths and delegating and empowering others to do what they do well
  • Challenges of moving from doer / individual contributor to leader
  • Ways that leaders add different value to the business than an individual contributor
  • The impact of self-worth and value on transitioning from doer / contributor to leader
  • The importance of time blocking in getting things done and achieving short and long term goals
  • Blocking time for key objectives and larger goals
  • The role of setting self-boundaries to be effective
  • Time blocking strategies and rules
  • Understanding that any deviation from your time blocks must come from time for yourself or your family (what’s important to you)
  • The importance of scheduling time blocks for thinking
  • Getting clear on your priorities in advance in order to protect your time blocks
  • The strategy of getting bad ideas out in order to be more open-minded and creative
  • Avoiding early judging of ideas
  • Strategies for prioritizing your ideas
  • Asking “in what ways” instead of “how” to open up your ideas, creativity and innovation
  • David Allen’s “natural planning model”
  • It’s critical to pay attention to your own self-integrity when it comes to getting your own priorities done … honoring and keeping your promises to yourself (to avoid losing trust in yourself, self-confidence and self-worth)
  • We need to have trust in ourselves before we can have the trust of others
  • We can’t hold others accountable if we don’t hold ourselves accountable
  • The importance for leaders to acknowledge their failures and share them


Special Guest

Julie Johnson

Entrepreneur and President of Heart and Solutions Counseling Agency

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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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