Are you looking to discover your true career calling? Are you looking for ways to uncover and pursue your truest career path? Do you want to get past your fears of claiming your calling in your career? Are you ready to get clear and pursue what you’re meant to do? Our special guest Kris McGuigan is here to answer these and many other questions about career development, career advancement and getting clear on your path.

Kris McGuigan is the Founder and President of Professional Courage, and she helps people empower themselves in their career. She shows them the path to see career advancement as not just a transaction, but as a way of being and living in their life. She’s had her own journey of career transition by what she calls a proactive and self-directed career search. After putting her business dream in a box for ten years and following the “safe” corporate carrot, but later jumped into entrepreneurship built around her passions.

Listen in as Kris shares her wisdom and experience on clarifying and pursuing your best fit for your career or business path.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Fear is the biggest obstacle to proactively self-directing your career path
  • Most people know what they want to do, but they’re terrified to go after it for fear of failure and even fear of success
  • One way to overcome fear is through clarity about what you enjoy externally and what you value internally
  • Fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles to pursuing the career or business that best fits you
  • Money is only one measure of career success, but it’s easy to get trapped into only seeing the career ladder that you’re already climbing
  • It’s important to learn to think and see outside the standard box of what jobs and careers are a good / right fit for you
  • Strategies for getting out of and thinking outside of the box, including getting clear on your values (e.g. using assessment tools is critical to evaluating and mapping out your career path)
  • Everyone needs to create their own Values Vault as part of their career and business advancement path
  • You must get far out of your own box to find the career or business path that best fits you
  • It’s essential to get clear on your fears and resistance factors in order to assess their reality and degree
  • The most important fear to talk about and assess is the risks of staying where you are (not changing)
  • Ways to create advancement opportunities in your own organization
  • Differences between career advancement and career transition
  • It’s critical that you be able to clearly articulate the value you bring to a team, organization, role, etc.
  • When you’re afraid, don’t step back … step into it



Show Notes

Episode highlights…




Special Guest

Kris McGuigan

Founder and President of Professional Courage

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