Do you struggle with your old messages and beliefs about your value? Are you looking for ways to get past your old self and tap into your more authentic self? Are you looking for strategies to allow you to live and lead as your most powerful self? Our special guest Michelle Yu is here to answer these and many other questions about writing your own authentic story of who you are and what you can achieve.

Michelle Yu is a former HR executive turned coach, trainer and human capital consultant. After spending a decade working in tech, including companies like LivingSocial, Google and SoftBank, Michelle left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship to do what she is most passionate about – helping others reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.

In her career working in fast paced, global environments, Michelle learned about the importance of mental health and workplace wellbeing, especially in how that has a direct effect on one’s overall productivity and performance. Now she’s on a mission to help bring about more awareness and drive change to these topics in the workplace. 

Michelle also brings a unique perspective navigating the corporate world as a young, Asian-American woman.

Listen in as Michelle shares her wisdom and experience on getting past your old messages to tap into your authentic and powerful you.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The trap of pursuing stable in your career
  • Shifting from what your conditioned to do to what you want to do
  • The challenges faced by children of tiger parents
  • Ways that colleges set expectations that may not serve you in your life journey
  • The importance of re-writing your own self-story
  • It’s vital to understand the subconscious messages you acquire during your lifetime
  • Ways we take on messages from our life experiences
  • Getting past the stigma in the corporate world that coaching is for people who are failing
  • The challenges with our internal chatter – we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else (i.e. imposter syndrome)
  • The trap of seeking high achievement in order to feel like you belong and are worthy enough
  • It’s okay to get keep your expectations high but your attachment to the outcome low
  • Ways we self-sabotage ourselves
  • Navigating the corporate world as a young, Asian-American woman
  • The importance of practicing self-compassion


Special Guest

Michelle Yu

Career & Life Coach | Human Capital Consultant

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