Are you a mindful leader? Are you a resilient leader? Are you investing in knowing yourself as a leader? Are you looking for mindsets, tools and strategies to enhance your leadership and impact?

Our special guest Libby Robinson answers these and other questions about what it means to be an impactful, resilient and mindful leader.

Libby Robinson is the Managing Partner, Chief Heretic and CXO Whisperer of Integral, an award-winning leadership, executive coaching and advisory company working with Fortune 1000 companies globally. A former wall street banker, aerospace engineer and national champion equestrian, Libby has worked for 26 years with senior leaders globally, helping to bring more mindfulness, resilience and greater capacity to brilliant and ambitious leaders.

Integral uses a multi-disciplinary approach to foster deep personal change in leaders and to evoke “conscious leadership” cultures for their clients. Libby’s latest venture has been to launch BackFeed+, a new app that helps individuals and organizations get better, faster feedback using a method backed by the latest neuroscience data about how individuals receive feedback with less stress.

Listen as Libby shares her wisdom and experience on conscious leadership, mindfulness and resilience.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Relationship precedes results – accomplishments always follow some form of relationship
  • The key role of mindfulness in leadership (What does it mean to be a human being versus a human doing in leadership?)
  • Understanding your triggers and navigating them differently
  • The importance of mindfulness and resilience in leadership and rich living
  • Foundations of ontological coaching
  • Deepening our emotional intelligence, awareness and range
  • The importance of being clear about the standards by which your team works (expectations)
  • Pace is a leadership choice
  • Leaders don’t run (slow down, see more, connect more)
  • Mindfulness is the one core way of being for leaders
  • Winning in business at the expense of the health of your team and people is a loss
  • The secret Jedi mind tricks of leadership
  • The key role of and need for compassion in leadership
  • Leadership essentials in creating a place where your people feel safe, secure and vulnerable
  • Key elements of resilience
  • What does it mean to root your leadership
  • Leaders must allow others to support them
  • The role of imposter syndrome in leadership


Special Guest

Libby Robinson

Managing Partner, Chief Heretic and CXO Whisperer of Integral

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