Are you looking to grow your leadership? Do you want to amp up your leadership and influence? Are you ready to be open enough to feedback to grow your leadership?

Our special guest Sara Canaday answers these and other questions about  leadership, feedback and high performance.

Sara Canaday is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, and former corporate executive who helps arm professionals with the strategies and practices they need to make the critical shift from informed to influential, from doer to driver, and from manager to leader.

Sara works with Fortune 500 companies who are committed to helping their managers strengthen their leadership skills, improve business relationships, and enhance their performance. Sara is the author of two books: Leadership Unchained and You – According to Them.

When she’s not speaking or working with her clients, Sara’s cheering on her son’s football team, hiding new shoe purchases from her husband and 17-year old daughter, and ordering a double cappuccino at Starbucks. Her secret fantasy … Cupcake Wars judge.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Focus on behaviors to achieve your goals
  • What leadership role models are you still emulating and is it serving your leadership
  • Keys for shifting from individual contributor to manager and manager to leader
  • Before you shift your role into management and leadership, assess your fit and desires for the new role
  • It’s critical that you assess people’s fit for a new role before you promote them
  • Beware the disconnects between your stated values and your stated expectations
  • Understanding applied self-awareness
  • Beware the assumptions you make about unstated expectations
  • Other people decide the quality of your leadership (the people you serve)
  • The conflict between our desire for feedback and our desire to be accepted as we are
  • If you want more feedback then demand it
  • If you want better feedback, ask better questions in requesting feedback
  • High quality feedback is specific feedback
  • What does strategy mean in leadership
  • The Modern Leader Index survey
  • Gift yourself and others with presence


Special Guest

Sara Canaday

Keynote speaker, award-winning author, trainer, and former corporate executive

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