Are you leading through adversity? Are you struggling to find ways to navigate the leadership reality of differing perceptions? Are you looking for tools and strategies to enhance your leadership impact?

Our special guest Jesus Campa answers these and other questions about leading through adversity, navigating the unique leadership challenges in the public sector, and leading in the midst of social unrest and divided communities.

Jesus Campa is the owner of America’s Best Strategic Security Group and Leading Through Adversity. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Jesus served in law enforcement for 27 year, including serving as a Chief Deputy and Chief of Police on two different occasions. He then retired from public service and transitioned his experience and expertise to the private sector as a mentor, consultant and leadership development trainer.

As a result of his last tour as Chief of Police in a city impacted by racial divisions, Jesus created and implemented the innovative No Colors No Labels Initiative designed to remove the preconceived notion that the police were racially motivated. In 2017 Jesus was named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian of the Year by the NAACP. He is a leader who believes in diversity and that a workforce should mirror the community they serve. 

Jesus holds a Master’s in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and is currently working on a PH.D. in Public Service Leadership. He is a strong supporter of leadership development, strategic planning, customer service, crisis communication, 21st Century Policing, and Procedural Justice..  

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Leadership inside and outside of law enforcement
  • Leadership challenges when you’re under the microscope of culture and social media
  • Keys for leading through adversity
  • Understanding your leadership mission
  • Navigating leadership challenges when followers are heavily focused on what benefits them
  • Challenges of leading through the maze of varying stakeholders
  • It’s okay to make mistakes as a leader and you must be prepared to handle the consequences when you do
  • Challenges of changing the culture in law enforcement especially with respect to diverse communities
  • Unique challenges of navigating people issues in the public sector
  • Keys to leading through adversity
  • Critical role of getting support (mentors) to lead through adversity
  • Leadership in adversity requires resilience
  • Self-awareness is vital to leading through adversity
  • Unique challenges of leading in the public sector, including the impact on family
  • The role of individual perceptions and wants in engaging your team
  • Unique challenges of leading with a long game mindset in the public sector
  • Leadership strategies for navigating your own differences amongst those you lead
  • It’s okay for people to be pissed off when you do the right thing
  • Challenges of leading people who are primarily focused on ways that decisions benefit them (or not)


Special Guest

Jesus Campa

Owner of America’s Best Strategic Security Group and Leading Through Adversity

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