Are you looking for ways to enhance your people leadership mindsets and tools? Do you want strategies to enhance your people culture and leadership impact? Are you ready to lead and manage differently to meet the leadership needs of today?

Our special guest Denise Cooper answers these and other questions about leadership, tools for HR leaders, and strategies for creating cultures of psychological safety and belonging.

Denise Cooper, MBA, is a Certified Conversational Intelligence Trainer with 25 + years as a human resources leader who brings a practical approach to improving both soft and hard leadership skills. According to Denise, The majority of corporate “transformations” fail to meet their objectives. We know it is usually not because of a flawed business strategy, but due to poor people management or approaches that have not changed, despite the very different business model evolution. Better leaders and managers simply hit or exceed their goals more reliably. Denise’s also the author of Remarkable Leadership Lessons.

As an accomplished HR executive turned owner of a boutique leadership and coach to human resource professionals, her work is focused on advising executives and HR professionals on how to create a responsive people strategy that creates a more motivated and talented workforce than your competition. Denise is a business coach for people who hate people issues but love getting things done.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The difference between having a great strategy and implementing that strategy (all people issues)
  • The myth and fundamental failing of our leadership thinking
  • What we’re missing in assessing leaders and their leadership
  • The need for change in HR and leadership
  • The struggles of creating workplaces where people feel like they belong
  • The bell curve truth of mediocre leaders and managers
  • The importance of value in the culture and leadership conversation
  • People have a core desire to be seen, heard and relevant
  • If you can’t see a way, then what you see is in the way
  • People need to learn to be adaptable but few of us are being taught adaptability
  • The importance of allowing your people to bring their full selves to work
  • What are you attached to as a leader and manager?
  • Leadership is like learning to ride – eventually you have to actually ride the bike and you actually have to lead (and learn to recover when you fail or fall)
  • Understanding the boundaries in allowing measured risk
  • The role and importance of psychological safety in the workplace
  • Compassion is understanding empathy and still hold people accountable
  • The power of asking who’s the best people developer versus asking who’s the best performer
  • What is the true meaning of being an alpha leader


Special Guest

Denise Cooper

Certified Conversational Intelligence Trainer and Author

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