Are you struggling to lose weight and improve your physical health? Are you falling victim to the “I don’t have time” excuse for not exercising? Are you looking for practical ways to achieve your health and weight loss goals?

Our special guest Gav Gillibrand will answer these and other questions about exercise, weight loss and your physical health.

Gav Gillibrand is a fitness and nutrition expert who specializes in helping busy men and women lose 20 pounds or more in 12 weeks or less without cutting out carbs and other fun stuff from their lives. From a TV appearance on “Blind Date” in 1993 to a distinguished career as a male revue artist (aka a male stripper) traveling all over the UK and Europe, Gav went on to become one of the UK’s most successful online health & fitness coaches having helped hundreds of clients in the last 15 years to health & weight loss success.

His techniques have helped people lose body fat with ease, increase their energy, improve their health, and give them the weight loss goals that they have always wanted. Finally, Gav’s unique take on fat loss has led to him building a community of 33,000+ followers on LinkedIn where he inspires them each day with content that is fun, informative, and unique.

Gav is the author of The GHG Method: A No “Bullshit” Approach to Losing Body Fat, Upgrading Your Mind Set & Radically Changing Your Life.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The journey from global male stripper to health and exercise guru
  • What you need to know about exercise and carbs myths
  • Weight loss is all about the math (calorie deficits)
  • Understanding your obstacles to weight loss and improved physical health
  • Key mindset shifts to achieve your weight loss, exercise and physical health goals
  • The critical role that your friend and relationships play in achieving (or not achieving) your weight loss and health goals
  • The psychological aspects of losing weight and improving your health
  • The importance of attaching emotion to your health and weight goals
  • The challenge of portion size differences in the United States
  • Overcoming the mental barriers of weight loss and physical health
  • The vital role of sleep for your overall health including weight loss
  • Why We Sleep book
  • Losing weight is not a magic bullet (the answer is to control your calories and move your body 3 or 4 times a week)
  • When choosing exercise do something you like (you can exercise and lose weight your way)
  • Understanding N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and its role in weight loss
  • Ways to ignore the outside voices of “expertise” on what you “should” do
  • Ignore the noise about weight loss and exercise


Special Guest

Gav Gillibrand

Fitness and nutrition expert

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