Are you frustrated with the current state of leadership? Are you wondering about the future of leadership? Are you willing to make a fundamental shift in your leadership to help enhance engagement, trust, followership and performance?

Our special guest Paul McCarthy answers these and other questions about leadership, leadership development, and a fundamental shift in leadership for the future.

Paul McCarthy is the Founder of a movement called FIRED Leadership. He’s working on his first book that’s called The FIRED Leader: Reinventing the Future of Leadership, challenging CEOs to rethink who they are firing, because they’re getting rid of the wrong talents and skills.

Despite being a global multibillion-dollar industry, studies show that the more companies spend on leadership development, the less leaders are ready for today’s changing marketplace.

Driven by the quest to discover what motivates people to do what they do, Paul thinks big, questions deeply, and strives to create the conditions for leaders of all levels to have courageous and honest conversations that build strong and healthy organizations.

Having worked within big firms in the UK and Canada, he brings global perspective to his work as well as real-world experience and straightforward guidance that informs and supports leaders and leadership teams to navigate opportunities and challenges presented by transformation.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Leadership and leadership development is a broken model that requires foundational disruption
  • Exploring the fundamental defects in today’s model of and approach to leadership development
  • The trouble with performance review processes and performance improvement plans
  • The importance of dropping your ego in order to explore solutions to leadership and leadership development
  • Creating conditions for an honest discussion of what’s working and what’s not working in leadership, management and business
  • Beware the guruizing of leadership and leadership development
  • Understanding the profound cost of disengagement in business
  • The performance impact of clarity and alignment around purpose
  • Key drivers of team disengagement
  • The role of fear in staying stuck personally, professionally and organizationally
  • The connection between leadership, culture and mental health
  • The foundations of FIRED leadership as a mindset and practice
    • Fresh thinking
    • Inquisitive nature
    • Real and accountable
    • Expressive and challenging
    • Direct and transparent
  • The power and impact of treating people like humans
  • The many ways we’re failing in our meetings


Special Guest

Paul McCarthy

Founder of FIRED Leadership

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