Are you looking for strategies to achieve balance in your life? Are you struggling with the challenges of growing a business while maintaining your life priorities? Are you feeling handcuffed to your business? Do you want tools for scaling your business without burning out and getting out of balance in your life? Is your relationship with money keeping you from your goals?

Our special guest Cassidy Arbeli answers these and other questions about leadership, business building and life integration especially for women.

Cassidy is a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses. She now works with businesses, especially female entrepreneurs, to help them grow their businesses, scale their businesses and get the life they want out of their businesses, including multiple streams of income.

She also started her first business while beginning her journey as a mother – in essence, navigating the journey of business, marriage and motherhood all at the same time.

Her foundation and podcast are called Unburden Your Business, and helps women build their businesses despite the unique challenges and burdens faced by women.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Focusing on life integration (not balance)
  • Assessing priorities based upon either a “Heck yes” or a “Heck no”
  • The benefits of theming your days
  • Asking and answering the question, “What would you do if you only had two hours a week to work on your business?”
  • It’s essential to put your team first and help them not only perform, but achieve their dreams
  • The importance of having a clear vision for what you want your business to achieve for you and in your life
  • It’s critical to processize your business and your team’s activities in the business
  • The biggest challenge in business is execution and the role of a strategic execution plan
  • Minimize the resistance to execution
  • Understanding your money (not just growing revenue)
  • Understanding the different ways the women function and lead in business (feminine energy versus masculine energy)
  • Leading your business in alignment with your feminine cycles
  • Acting and leading like men is NOT the answer for women (although it may deliver short term results)
  • The reality of ongoing challenges for women (and the reality that men are often unaware of these ongoing challenges)
  • It’s vital for women to show up as their authentic selves in business and leadership
  • Clients care about relationships and value
  • Let your people be themselves in their networking activities, dress code and sales methods
  • You can create a profitable business that aligns with who you are
  • Doing business with a persona requires that you work harder
  • People follow authentic people (not personas)
  • The difference between living an integrated life versus a balanced life
  • The power of pause in your business and life
  • Breaking the cycles that keep you handcuffed to your business
  • Embrace the data to run your business
  • Understanding your relationship with money and the ways that relationship impacts your business and financial performance
  • Power Question: Where do you see yourself in 12 months?


Special Guest

Cassidy Arbeli

Serial/Parallel Entrepreneur

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