Do you want to bring more happiness and fun into your workplace? Do you wonder about the role of playfulness in leadership? Are you committed to transforming your peoples’ experience at work?

Our special guest Lisa Caprelli will answer these and other questions about the vital role of happiness, fun and playfulness in leadership, teams and cultures.

Lisa Caprelli is a speaker, songwriter and an award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz.™  Unicorn Jazz series offers social emotional learning (empathy, kindness, love, belonging, believing in others, feelings and more).  She is an author of 18 books, and has produced music videos for kids. Lisa is the producer and director of Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do – a family show on Amazon TV.

After a 10+ year career in creating radio show programming and podcasts combined with a 26 year marketing career in representing over 160 CEO’s and leaders, Lisa created Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds.   

Lisa is a Forbes contributor, has been featured in FORBES magazine, ABC News, Shout Out LA, USA today newspapers, and more media and news outlets

Lisa’s ambitious and multi-faceted perspective inspires people all around her to live a life of purpose.  As a writer, educator and leader she is called upon for storytelling while fostering perseverance, imagination and inspiration. She enjoys teaching young minds the power of possibilities be it: elementary schools, teens, educators, parents, counselors, librarians and more. 

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Bringing more fun, entertainment and playfulness into business and leadership
  • Choosing kindness to build great teams
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets and skills as life skills
  • Leadership is about people and relationships
  • Importance of fun in learning experiences
  • Embracing make believe sessions in your business
  • Being aware of the stress of adulting and injecting more happiness and fun into your adult lives
  • Understanding the difference between making work fun versus having fun outside of work
  • Leadership lessons from the movie Big
  • Playfulness is essential to learning and happy workplaces and connected teams
  • Play and fun are not lost time (they’re investments in your people and culture)
  • Understanding the role of social emotional learning in learning and development
  • Impact of COVID in the education system, process and mindset
  • Importance of giving back by helping another human being (including your team members)
  • Getting intentional about happiness at work and about what makes you happy (and then do it)
  • Transforming our patters and beliefs about leadership and work


Special Guest

Lisa Caprelli

Speaker, songwriter and an award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz.™ 

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