Are you an entrepreneurial creative? Do you want to grow your business and protect your valuable intellectual property? Is your lawyer truly your partner and helping to grow your business?

Our special guest Rachel Brenke answers these and other questions about entrepreneurship, business growth, intellectual property and ways the right lawyer can help you grow your business, especially for creative entrepreneurs.

Rachel Brenke is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist and intellectual property attorney. She’s a very successful lawyer focusing on Intellectual Property while helping to protect small businesses along with several successful legal niche brands, including TheLawTog®FitLegally, and BlogLegally.

She’s also a mother of five, wife to an Army veteran, a practicing lawyer, an author (7 books), a cancer survivor, and a Team USA athlete (aquathon). Through her podcast, brands, and one-on-one services, Rachel helps creative entrepreneurs with business strategy and legal needs such as forming businesses, draft contracts, and business and intellectual property law.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and building a business that gives you life you want
  • Importance of having a business growth strategy
  • Looking differently at business growth the role / value of the right legal advisor
  • Role of a full legal strategy for your creative business
  • Why having a lawyer is an essential part of your business strategy for your creative business
  • Risks and limitations of do-it-yourself law and online legal resources (i.e. Legal Zoom)
  • Value of flat rate legal fees for business owners and lawyers
  • Doing the math of why appropriate legal advice is an investment for your business (not a cost)
  • Demonstrating your value through your different questions
  • Questions as the key to developing your business growth strategy
  • Role of rocks and fear in limiting your business growth
  • Unique business challenges for creatives
  • Using questions to help your clients and team find their own answers (instead of giving them the answers)
  • Creating contracts that align with your work flow
  • Using the contract to help you be a better leader and business owner
  • Value of working with a lawyer who’s grown other (non-law) businesses
  • Importance of being confident in the value of what you create and sell
  • Risks of putting your money issues and beliefs on your clients and potential clients
  • Role of money blocks in limiting your business growth
  • Your mindset with your clients must align with your mindset with your vendors
  • Recognizing the season of life that you’re in and evolving and pivoting based upon that season of life


Special Guest

Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist and intellectual property attorney.

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