Do you feel like there’s even more inside you and your leadership? Are you committed to working on yourself to enhance your leadership influence and impact? Are you ready to elevate your leadership and impact by growing your spiritual intelligence as a leader?

Our special guest Amy Lynn Durham answers these and other questions about leadership, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and creating magic at work for your organization and team.

Amy Lynn Durham is the CEO of an organization called Create Magic at Work. She’s a UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. She’s also certified to coach in 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

Amy has spent years in the corporate world managing hundreds of employees for all different types of companies. She created create magic at work with the intention to offer Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and EQ tools to energize and transform the workplace. Amy not only believes in creating positive company cultures, but this is what she does in her passion and her work.

Amy believes in leading differently, building cultures differently and creating magic at work.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Two key leadership questions: How do you want to leave your team feeling? Are you leaving your team in a better place than when you found them?
  • Understanding emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ)
  • Critical impacts from leading with emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence
  • The intelligences pyramid from the bottom up: Physical Intelligence (PQ); Cognitive Intelligence (IQ); Emotional Intelligence (EQ); Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
  • Strategies for practicing emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence
  • One key spiritual intelligence skill is making wise and compassionate decisions
  • Exploring your breadth of time perception
  • The role of radical self-forgiveness in leadership
  • Understanding that spiritual intelligence is across a spectrum of skills (not just a single skill)
  • What it means to lead from your higher self and why it matters
  • Leadership work is the deep inside personal work
  • Importance of creating a safe place for vulnerable conversations at work
  • Exploring the scales of motivation and energy
  • The Great Resignation and the call for spiritual intelligence in leadership
  • Overcoming the challenges of all the roles required of middle managers and leaders
  • Importance of vulnerable conversations at work to create magic at work
  • Strategies for building spiritual intelligence skills in a virtual workplace
  • Foundations of spiritual intelligence – human connection, compassion, emotions, empathy, vulnerability and curiosity
  • Gifts of spiritual intelligence in leadership – innovation, productivity and profitability
  • What it means to be a selectively data driven executive and why it holds you back
  • One result of creating an environment that thrives with emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence is a workplace that creates less ego induced drama
  • The important role of paradox (complexity of thought) in leading with spiritual intelligence (enhancing your polarity management skills)
  • Expanding your leadership to quantum leadership where you think about the effects that your business has on humanity, communities and the planet


Special Guest

Amy Lynn Durham

CEO of Create Magic at Work. UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. Certified to coach in 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

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