Are you tired of playing the numbers game in sales? Do you want to accelerate your sales results? Are you open to a radical shift in the ways you build trust, solve problems and engage with clients?

Our special guest Ari Galper (Australia) answers these and other questions about true trust-based selling. He also debunks many of our long-held sales myths.

Ari Galper is the World’s #1 Authority on trust-based selling and creator of Unlock the Game®, a new sales mindset and results-oriented approach that has revolutionized the world of selling. With a Masters in Instructional Design, which strongly analyzes the way people learn, and supplying nearly two decades of experience in direct selling in a variety of industries, Ari has pioneered a breakthrough sales system – Unlock the Game. Built on the concept of authentic communication and trust, his visionary approach to selling relieves the pressure for both the seller and buyer, producing profound results.

Ari has been featured in a multitude of leading sales and business books for his unique and special trust-based sales approach. Interviewed on networks such as CNN Money and Sky News, he has become the foremost authority on selling around the globe.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • True foundations of trust-based selling
  • Sales are lost at the beginning, not the end
  • Understanding how to unlock the game – shifting your mindset, letting go of the end goal of the sale, focus only on being present with people, and build deep trust so that people will always tell you the truth
  • Debunking these sales myths: 1. Sales is a numbers game; 2. Sales are lost at the end of the process; 3. Rejection is part of the sales game
  • Ways you trigger rejection with sales opportunities
  • Understanding the words and language that triggers rejection
  • Instead of moving people towards the sale, let people decide which direction things go
  • Goal is to get to the truth, not the outcome you want
  • Using language that reduces pressure (never use the phrase “follow up” again – instead use “do you have any feedback on what’s already happened)
  • Learn the words and phrases to never use again in sales
  • Trust building and relationship building are mutually exclusive (focus on trust at the beginning and save the relationship building until later)
  • You can’t offer your solution until someone tells you their problem and asks you for help
  • Goal is not a sale – it’s to get the truth
  • Beware being addicted to the “drug” hopium
  • Potential clients ask one question: “Do I trust them?”
  • Fall out of love with your solution and in love with their problem
  • You must slow down the process including the pace of your speaking
  • You must care about the person and their problems until they say, “How can you help me?”
  • Be a truth teller in sales – You must tell people what their real problem and impact is
  • Differentiate based upon your approach (not your solution)


Special Guest

Ari Galper

Creator of Unlock the Game and

#1 authority on trust-based selling

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