Are you wondering what it means to look after the mental health of your team? Do you wonder about the impact of COVID and remote working on mental health? Are you looking for ways to improve your mental health and the mental health of your team members? Do you want ideas on ways to lead effectively after COVID?

Our special guest Ian Adair answers these and other questions about leadership, mental health and workplace mental health.

Ian Adair is a nonprofit industry influencer, TEDx speaker, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. Ian is a speaker, author and advocate concerning mental health awareness and addressing mental health in the workplace. He’s the author of Stronger Than Stigma. A Call to Action: Stories of Grief, Loss and Inspiration!

Ian Adair is the Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gracepoint – one of the largest mental health organizations in Florida. Gracepoint impacts the lives of more than 30,000 individuals (children and adults) each year seeking mental health, medical, and addiction services in the Tampa Bay area.

In 2016, Ian was chosen as one of the Top 100 Must-Follow Giving Influencers on Twitter by Give Local America. In 2019, Ian was named of the Top 100 Charity Industry Influencers on Social Media in the world by Onalytica, an influencer relationship software company in London. In 2020, Ian was recognized as one of the 30 Nonprofit Founders that will impact the World by Causeartist, a global community and social enterprise platform.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Understanding the state of mental health in the United States including its financial impact
  • The role of stigma in limiting people from seeking support
  • The trouble with self-diagnosing mental health conditions and challenges
  • The interrelationships between mental health and physical health
  • People take an average of 8-10 years to seek help for mental health issues
  • Understanding the two types of stigmas – social stigma and self-perceived stigma
  • Gender differences and mental health conditions (and impacts)
  • Being high functioning doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering with mental health conditions
  • The importance of opening up the conversation around suicide (data we can’t ignore)
  • Relationship impacts of suicide
  • Reasons we avoid conversations about mental health, suicide, etc.
  • The bottom-line impacts of mental health on your organization and business (No. 1 reason for loss of productivity and absenteeism)
  • Understanding the changes in our workforce and the impact of these changes on mental health and what employees desire in support
  • The reality and mental health impact of toxic work cultures
  • Leaders as culture caretakers in organizations
  • Mental health and remote working
  • Leadership and team challenges in transitioning out of COVID
  • It’s vital to understand what your people want
  • The human and financial impact of normalizing conversations about mental health in the workplace
  • The importance of creating a safe work environment for your people including emotional and psychological safety
  • The best mental health support you can offer is to just listen


Special Guest

Ian Adair

Nonprofit industry influencer, TEDx speaker, author, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management

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