Are you confused by technology? Are you trying to figure out digital marketing for your business? Are you looking for ideas to help your business and operations run more smoothly and effectively? Do you want to amp up your impact?

Our special guest Jen McFarland answers these and other questions about technology, AI and digital marketing.

Jen McFarland is the Founder of Women Conquer Business, and she also has a podcast by the same name. Women Conquer Business is a digital marketing operations consultancy to help entrepreneurs and small businesses solve their marketing technology challenges, streamline processes, and amplify impact.

Jen describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur, who’s committed to helping businesses enhance their businesses and impact by understanding how technology can help you grow a business, systematize the business, and change the overall imprint of the business through technology.

A former Peace Corps volunteer and operations analyst, Jen brings a wealth of experience in helping organizations streamline their operations and systems.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Why businesses and business owners struggle with technology and software
  • Assessing your business operations and goals before developing your marketing and technology strategy
  • The importance of alignment between your business and your marketing / digital imprint
  • Ways that technology helps you and your business work better
  • Using technology and automation to allow your business to be more human
  • You must know where you are today with technology and marketing before developing strategies for getting where you want to be
  • Social media strategy must be built around your customer’s needs and interests, not your own
  • Marketing must focus on the emotions you want to elicit in people
  • If you want to understand your customers, ask them
  • The role of AI in your business, technology and marketing strategies
  • AI tools for your marketing toolbox
  • Getting past your technology fears
  • You must understand what you need before you decide what technology you need
  • The importance of mentorship in your business and leadership journey


Special Guest

Jen McFarland

Founder of Women Conquer Business

Host of the Women Conquer Business Podcast

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