Are you looking for different ways to build your business? Are you committed to growing yourself and your leadership? Do you want to be the most effective and impactful leader you can be?

Our special guest Karen Weinstock answers these and other questions about entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and even dating.

Karen Weinstock was born in Israel, served in military intelligence in the Israeli Army and then went on to law school at The Hebrew University. After practicing corporate law for a brief time, Karen moved into immigration law in part due to the challenges she faced when she came to the United States (she couldn’t get a job without a visa and she couldn’t get a visa without a job). Karen eventually founded her own entrepreneurial law firm, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers that helps immigrants achieve their American dreams

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Understanding key elements of immigration laws and its impact on business
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets to solve problems and add value
  • Building a law firm as a business, not just a practice
  • Leadership and business lessons from dating
  • Using business thinking, strategies, principles and processes to enhance your dating experience and personal relationships
  • The critical role of authenticity in dating, relationships and leadership
  • Keys to building authentic relationships
  • Entrepreneurship essentials
  • Understanding the differences between building a practice and building a business
  • Ways that working on yourself is a game changer as a leader and business owner
  • Understanding emotional mastery for your leadership and relationships
  • The positive impacts of building a culture of personal growth and development in your business
  • The power of being honest and direct in your communication


Special Guest

Karen Weinstock

Founder of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers 

Author of Matched: From Dating Disasters to Dream Relationships

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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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