Are you a woman looking to grow your leadership and expand your impact? Are you an organization committed to empowering your women and their leadership? Do you to better understand what it means and what it takes to empower your women leaders?

Our special guest Jane Finette answers these and other questions about leadership, women in leadership and growing yourself in order to grow your leadership.

Jane Finette is a passionate advocate for women and girls, a non-profit leader, and author. In 2014 Jane founded The Coaching Fellowship (TCFS), a non-profit organization that helps advance young women social change leaders and their work throughout the world. Under her leadership, TCFS grew from helping a handful of women to now serving more than 300 young women of impact every year. More than 1,000 women have graduated from the TCFS program to date from over 70 countries, and now form the Women of Impact Alliance (the largest body of young women social change leaders.

Jane is the author of the upcoming book Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women (August 2021), which is filled with inspirational and real-world impactful stories of women working to advance women and girls around the world. The book also contains ten easy and practical keys for how every woman, can every day help every sister rise and thrive.

Jane has spent her career pushing the boundaries of community building and human potential, and she’s obsessed with accelerating social change, magnifying participation and advancing a fairer and more equitable world. In 2020 Jane was awarded the Women Forward Gold Award from the Business Council of Peace for her work and commitment to advancing women.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Power and empowerment that comes from coaching
  • Impact of the glass ceiling and the systemic biases holding back women
  • Importance of getting beyond defining yourself based upon your job
  • Leadership starts with you and inside of you
  • Understanding and embracing whole person coaching
  • Understanding the broken ladder of systemic bias towards women
  • Unique challenges and solutions for women of color
  • Leadership development is an inside-out growth journey
  • Understanding empathy in leadership (empathy versus sympathy)
  • Moving beyond tactics to ways of being in leadership
  • Business is all about people (humanizing leadership)
  • Importance of holding the paradox of people in leadership
  • The giant blind spot of confirmation bias in leadership
  • Balancing the role of assessments against turning them into boxes
  • Evidence is in … putting bold women in leadership positions, increases impact, increases bottom line, increased innovation
  • Non-profit boards must also commit to diversity, equity and inclusion for the board


Special Guest

Jane Finette

Founder of The Coaching Fellowship (TCFS)

Author of Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women

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