Are you feeling burnout or overwhelmed? Are you looking for unconventional strategies for navigating your life and business? Do you want to be more purposeful, productive and present in every part of your life and leadership?

Our special guest Imogen Roy (Bordeaux France) answers these and other questions about burnout, purpose, productivity and personal energy.

Imogen Roy is a Business Mentor who helps unconventional people to be more purposeful, productive and present in their life and business. After experiencing burnout whilst doing what she loved, Imogen realized she’d have to take a much more proactive approach to protect her most valuable business asset: her own energy

Despite doing what she loved, Imogen experienced a profound burnout experience that helped her to differently understand burnout, self-care and the importance of protecting your energy.

Today Imogen is the accomplice of founders, artists, consultants and visionaries who want to create unstoppable success in work and life without burnout or compromise.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Burnout is more a product of what happens when we care too much and too long for others without caring for ourselves
  • The process and importance of finding and living your genius
  • Understanding and overcoming the challenges of finding and living your genius
  • Living an unconventional life by choosing not to fit in
  • Keys to understanding the role of energy in leadership, productivity and life
  • Navigating the land mines of false boxes in our lives
  • Energy as your most important asset
  • The reality that not all time is equal and controllable, but your energy can be managed
  • What it means to be a time bender
  • The role of presence in productivity
  • Presence is essential when it comes to leadership
  • Three kinds of attention / presence: 1. Outward facing attention; 2. Submissive state of attention (receiving); 3. Meditation
  • Understanding what presence is and isn’t
  • What happens to time when you’re not present
  • Understanding our attachment to multi-tasking and its connection to lack of self-trust
  • The myth of multi-tasking
  • The flow of energy when you’re present (for yourself and others)
  • Find a small way to honor what you feel like doing throughout the day (versus what you believe you have to do)
  • Asking and answering the question of where you’re finding resistance
  • Getting curious with your resistance
  • Self-shaming or pushing through your resistance uses more energy and exhausts us
  • The ways that language / words shape our culture and reality
  • Understanding the different experiences of time (quantum and gestational)
  • Examining the ways that your own language is serving you and not serving you
  • Foundations for integrated leadership and living
  • Embracing your resistance in order to learn from it


Special Guest

Imogen Roy

Business mentor for unconventional leaders

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