Do you struggle with challenging conversations? Do you want to learn more mindsets and tools for enhancing your crucial conversations? Are you ready to amplify your leadership and impact through conversations?

Our special guest Andrea Newton (England)  answers these and other questions about leadership and management in the context of conversations and communication.

Andrea Newton is the Founder of Confident Conversations and a woman on a mission to get leaders comfortable with the uncomfortable and believes there are 7 Significant Conversations that all good leaders ought to be able to have if they are truly to get the best out of their team and their business.

Andrea has spent the last 21 years working with a wide range of organizations across all industry sectors, helping literally thousands of managers and leaders at all levels to have conversations that matter.

Andrea believes that conversations change organizations, develop relationships, improve standards, increase results – in fact, conversations even save lives and having had her own experience of rooting around at rock bottom and peering over the edge, Andrea believe that unless leaders create the climate that encourages honest, open, frank dialogue then they will never achieve their full potential.

As a trainer, keynote speaker, author and soon to be podcast host, Andrea is based in the northwest of England and offers a whole range of online and remote training services to her clients – from television production to the NHS – she wants to use her past to improve others futures.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The importance of crucial conversations and different approaches to having them
  • Understanding the blind spots about crucial conversations
  • Confident leaders are willing to admit their weaknesses
  • Going into crucial conversations with an attitude of curiosity
  • Beware the words you use to label your crucial conversations
  • Understanding the differences between feedback and opinions
  • Leadership is not a popularity contest (do you want to be liked or respected as a leader)
  • The impact of avoiding one-on-one conversations and instead relying on group conversations
  • Importance of learning and teaching skills for crucial conversations
  • Keys for leading and managing today’s workforce
  • Understanding and navigating the Seven (7) Significant Conversations
  • Crucial conversations are more impactful that processes and procedures
  • The Four (4) F words in conversations: 1. Feelings; 2. Fears; 3. Family; and 4. Future
  • Vulnerability and psychological safety in leadership
  • Understanding the difference between empathy and sympathy in leadership
  • Using the E.E.C. Model for crucial conversations (Example – Effect – Change)
  • Leaders must get comfortable with the uncomfortable when it comes to crucial conversations
  • The leadership of Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series


Special Guest

Andrea Newton

Founder of Confident Conversations

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