Are you a tough leader or a resilience leader? Do you want to build more resilience and drive into your leadership and impact? Are you ready to accelerate your leadership?

Our special guest Punit Dhillon answers these and other questions about leadership, resilience and personal drive.

Punit Dhillon was nine when he almost drowned in a swimming pool. Twenty years later, he became a competitive swimmer and completed his first of several Ironman Triathlons. Punit lives by the philosophy of using adversity as fuel to exceed all expectations.

At thirty, Punit was one of the youngest biotech CEOs in the life sciences industry, and just five years later, he became a NASDAQ CEO for a publicly traded biotech company. 

Punit is currently the Chair and CEO of Skye Bioscience, a public pharmaceutical company. He’s also the Co-founder, former President, and CEO of OncoSec, a biotechnology company pioneering new technologies to fight cancer. Punit has been recognized as one of PharmaVOICE 100’s top CEOs and as a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™.

Punit is also the author of Catapult: How to Think Like a Corporate Athlete to Strengthen Your Resilience, an insider’s look at the lessons we learn by turning obstacles into opportunities. Taking you through his twenty years of global business experience, Punit shares ten principles for a purpose-driven life and career, linking together the athletic strengths that will help you succeed.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Leadership, business and resilience lessons from being an ultra-athlete
  • Ways that adversity can help you grow if you’re intentional about the learning
  • Understanding resilience and building more of it in your life
  • Impact of family culture and upbringing in the foundations of resilience
  • Importance of doing post-mortems to better learn and grow from experiences
  • Resilience is not about deflecting the challenges that you that you have, it’s about taking them on and absorbing them, and then rebounding as fast as you could
  • Beware Rocky style resilience (taking a beating and staying standing)
  • Resilience is not false armor or mental toughness
  • Learning about lessons from riptides
  • Shifting from confident decision making in leadership to a more mindful approach and supporting your people
  • What does it mean to serve the people on your team
  • The critical need of coaching in leadership
  • Differently understanding “high performer” and being clear on what it means (high performer must be holistic)
  • Taking time to step back and appreciate all we’ve already achieved
  • Role of visualization in achievement and resilience
  • Leadership lessons from the movie Spy Game


Special Guest

Punit Dhillon

Chair and CEO of Skye Bioscience

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