Are you committed to being a humble leader? Do you want to build a culture in your organization that will help you grow and scale? Are you looking to enhance and accelerate your leadership and impact?

Our special guest Tim Toterhi answers these and other questions about leadership, culture and business growth.

Tim Toterhi is an HR consultant specializing in talent and performance management. He’s also a fractional CHRO, career advisor, author (non-fiction and fiction), and the Founder of Plotline Leadership.

Over his impactful career, Tim has helped grow and scale a wide range of businesses and knows well the vital role of culture in growth and scaling.

Ever the contrarian, Tim approaches his practice with a playful smile and an eyebrow up.  

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The truth that HR leaders have a seat at the leadership table
  • HR leaders need to approach their role differently
  • Navigating the HR reality that you can’t do tactics and strategy at the same time (being ruthless with your time and responsibilities)
  • People impact takes much less time than you think (feedback doesn’t have to take lots of time)
  • Scheduling feedback takes more time than in the moment feedback
  • The three forms of leadership: 1. Ordained a leader; 2. Step up to lead in the moment (opportunistic); 3. Earned leadership role
  • The role of and path to humble leadership (learn on the job, develop workarounds, trust your team)
  • Authenticity alone is not enough in leadership
  • The fallacies of faking it until you make it in leadership
  • Leadership lessons from the martial arts
  • Humble leaders continue to earn the right to lead
  • Leaders must avoid the illusion of completeness (the belief that you’re done with learning and growing)
  • Leaders must be experts at workarounds (navigating unique challenges and developing unique / different solutions)
  • Humble leadership is belts off leadership (always be open to learning from anyone, everyone and everywhere … no matter position or experience)
  • Leaders must model what they want to create
  • Implementing belts off leadership in your organization
  • The truth that cultural change can happen on a dime (making sure that your culture trailer matches your culture movie)
  • Incongruence as a culture killer
  • Clarity of mission, vision and values must integrate with consistently living them
  • The importance of aligning culture with performance and compensation
  • Leaders must learn to listen differently
  • Role of culture in growing and scaling
  • Using role profiles over job descriptions
  • If you want to scale your business, scale your people
  • Billy Joel wisdom … “Don’t take no shit from nobody”


Special Guest

Tim Toterhi

HR consultant specializing in talent and performance management. Also a fractional CHRO, career advisor, author (non-fiction and fiction), and the Founder of Plotline Leadership.

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