Are you committed to building a great team? Do you want to enhance your team chemistry? Are you looking for tools to accelerate your leadership impact? Do you have head trash that’s getting in the way of your leadership?

Our special guest Tish Squillaro answers these and other questions about leadership, team chemistry, emotional intelligence, and the head trash that gets in the way of your leadership.

Tish Squillaro is the Founder and CEO of CANDOR. Since 2007, CANDOR has partnered with organizations around the world from early-stage growth companies to global Fortune 500s of various industries ranging from Tech to Media. Her most recent clients include AT&T, AppNexus, Datorama, Salesforce, Teva and IBM.

Tish empowers leaders and teams to make the right decisions for the health and success of their business. As an award-winning author (the Head Trash series), Smart CEO Philadelphia BRAVA award winner, University of Pennsylvania grad, and a guest-speaker on radio, TV, webinars, and workshops, Tish is dedicated to delivering action-oriented strategies that drive long-term results.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Why the health of your business and people matters
  • Business and leadership opportunities to support your people through emotional challenges
  • The role of emotions and a healthy mindset in your leadership
  • The importance of better understanding and managing your emotions as a leader
  • The role of resilience in leadership
  • Using the DISC assessment to enhance your self-awareness and leadership
  • Understanding modern time management as a leader
  • Reality that people management today requires more intention
  • Keys to more effective meetings
  • Importance of team chemistry
  • Learning through the Tupperware versus China cabinets when it comes to control and delegation
  • The reality that you can’t argue over other people’s feeling when it comes to your impact
  • Critical role of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Understanding the seven emotions of Head Trash and navigating them differently
  • Embracing the three R’s of leadership … resilience, respect and reflection


Special Guest

Tish Squillaro

Founder and CEO of CANDOR

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