Are you looking to have more fulfillment, purpose, joy and sense of contribution in your life? Do you want to live a life worth living? Do you want to find your way past your perceived limitations and achieve your fullest potential?

Our special guest Michele Graglia answers these and other questions about leadership, purpose and achieving your fullest potential.

After growing up in Italy and working in his family’s floral business, Michele Graglia “stumbled” into a career as a top international model. He then discovered that the modeling world was taking a toll on his life, which led to a life changing moment of truth that caused him to leave the modeling profession.

In the midst of his personal crisis, Michele learned about the concept of ultra-running, and today he’s one of the world’s top ultra-runners. Since 2011, he has competed in over thirty ultramarathons all over the world, often winning and setting course records. He has set Guinness World Records for his runs across the Atacama and Gobi deserts.

His wins in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, with temperatures below -40ºF, and the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, with highs above 130ºF, made him the first person in history to win both the hottest and coldest foot races on Earth.

His motivational speaking has inspired thousands around the world. Michele also studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India, and is an RYT-certified yoga instructor as well as a USATF-certified Running Coach and Sport Nutritionist. From 2016 to 2020 he was a Yoga and Mindfulness coach at the high-end Malibu retreat, The Ashram.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Ways that “success” can be unfulfilling
  • The importance of living a life of fulfillment, purpose, joy and contribution
  • The keys to living a life of fulfillment, purpose, joy and contribution
  • The trap of money, fame and success
  • Transcending the idea of human limitations to embracing your full human potential
  • When you live in your mind / head, you’re always on the path of resistance
  • Transcending physical and mental limitations to access your inner self and an infinite amount of energy
  • Reality that your mind always takes the easy way out
  • Understanding that your mind is a great servant and terrible master
  • You must be driven by something deeper or your mind will always hold you back
  • Living beyond the limiting beliefs and stories you’ve heard in your life
  • Going beyond your perceived human potential
  • The only growth possible happens in isolation
  • Ways other people hold you back despite best intentions
  • The life changing power of inspiration
  • Change only happens in moments of difficulty
  • Understanding the power of meditation


Special Guest

Michele Graglia

RYT-certified yoga instructor and USATF-certified Running Coach and Sport Nutritionist

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