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Do you want to be more innovative and creative in your business and leadership? Do you doubt your own creativity? Do you want to expand your own creativity in thinking, designing and strategizing? Do you want to grow your creative confidence?

Our special guest Nora Herting answers these and other questions about visual leadership, creativity and strategy.

A pioneer of visual strategy, Nora Herting is passionate about expanding peoples’ definition of creativity and believes the best way to meet the demands of business today is to take a visual approach that blends strategic thinking and creative expression.

Nora’s skill and impact with businesses, and her own entrepreneurial prowess founding ImageThink, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Entrepreneur and INC.

She leads a compelling conversation around the power of visual thinking as a catalyst for personal and organizational change. As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Nora has inspired global audiences with her creative keynotes at Cannes Lions, SXSW Interactive, WBENC.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The intersection of creativity, strategy and leadership
  • Visualizing your ideas for greater innovation
  • Role of visual tools in storytelling and brainstorming
  • The importance of expanding people’s definitions of creativity
  • Understanding the life cycle of an idea
  • Using visual activation for creativity, innovation and strategy
  • Our hard wiring to find meaning in pictures
  • Overcoming obstacles to explore visual creativity experiences
  • Tools for using visuals for your brainstorming, strategy sessions and problem solving
  • The vulnerability in using visuals in your business leadership
  • Visual tools as a strategy to surface and discuss difficult issues
  • Integrating visual tools and humor to enhance business conversations and creativity
  • Growing your creative confidence
  • Visual tools enhance the experience, engagement, enjoyment and creativity
  • Understanding visual tools for socialization within an organization
  • Role of visual tools with mission, vision, purpose, values and strategic plan
  • Understanding and implementing visual leadership


Special Guest

Nora Herting

Founder and CEO of ImageThink

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Jeff Nischwitz

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Craig Mathews

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