Do you want to think and be more creative and innovative? Do you find yourself hesitating to take risks for fear of failing? Are you looking for strategies and shifts to enhance your innovation, impact and outcomes? Are you ready to accelerate your growth and results?

Our special guest Colin Hunter answers these and other questions about leadership, the importance of learning and growing through mistakes, and disrupting your thinking, innovation and organization.

Colin Hunter is an Author, Mentor, Coach and the Founder and CEO of PotentialSquared, an international business that specializes in creating playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led. Colin works with leaders and their teams around the globe in the area of leadership impact – helping them to create an engaged, capable group of followers and bringing fresh ideas and stories to their teams and clients alike.

With the use of actors, cutting-edge virtual realities, and a new leadership framework, clients have shown an award-winning difference in how they have transformed their leaders. Colin prides himself by practicing what he preaches with being wrong more and learning fast from it

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Embracing more play in your leadership, team and organization
  • The power of failure in growing your leadership and impact
  • Why being wrong is the path to leadership and personal growth
  • Be willing to experiment as a leader and organization
  • The risks of playing in safe in business and leadership
  • Fail small and learn big
  • Do you empower your people to own their roles or only rent them
  • Using leading indicators at guard rails while allowing people to learn by making mistakes
  • Understanding design thinking and the role of experimentation
  • Empowering your people to create memorable experiences for clients and customers
  • Embracing disruption and experimentation in interviews for team members
  • Allowing your people to bring their quirkiness to work
  • Challenges and opportunities to recruit and hire differently
  • Wisdom of growing your own leaders rather than seeking to find them outside the organization
  • The trouble with the word failure
  • Using small experiments to change things
  • The difference between trying things out and failing versus messing up or making mistakes
  • Small changes deliver big impacts
  • Embrace testing small to learn, grow and innovate in big ways


Special Guest

Colin Hunter

Author, Mentor, Coach and the Founder and CEO of PotentialSquared

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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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