Do you want to better understand and navigate past your blind spots? Do you want to accelerate the performance of your people, team and organization? Are you committed to growing your leadership and organization performance?


Our special guest Vinay Raman  answers these and other questions about leadership, engagement and maximizing your organization’s and team’s performance.


Vinay Raman (Raleigh NC) is the CEO of CAARMO, which helps businesses and employees unlock their hidden potential, maximize their opportunities and mitigate risks using their Performance Intelligence software tool.

Vinay’s decision-making tool helps you more deeply understand your people and your company, as well as showing you how you’re performing so you can optimize the behaviors of your employees and managers to align employees with the business outcomes you want.

Vinay mantra: “I love to pay it forward and I’ve made lives easier for thousands of owners, senior leaders and employees across the United States.” His mission is to help business leaders improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity using data.

Vinay helps leaders see their blind spot and punch through them with the help of CAARMO’s Business Blind Spots Exposed podcast which helps Vinay and his team reach audiences about how teams can provide solutions to their needs.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Importance of integrating data and stories in decision making and messaging
  • Applying scientific thinking and processes to leadership and business decisions
  • Assessing your failure velocity for growth and improvement (failing faster to the right answer)
  • True mark of leadership is ability to be resilient and shift in order to respond, not react, to external stimulus
  • The power of storytelling supported by data
  • Using data to drive behavior and better decisions
  • Importance of getting clear on what great performance means
  • Leaders are aware that they’re often the biggest obstacle to their objectives
  • What it means to empathize data in leadership
  • Understanding the ways that employee self-performance drives engagement
  • Understanding the great resignation driven by the great disengagement
  • The people closest to issues have the best perspectives of the issues
  • Using data helps you discover issues quicker and with greater clarity (including coachable moments for team members)
  • Understanding empathetic leadership
  • If profit is the prime directive, it’s very short sighted. But if empathy is your prime directive, prophet comes along for the ride
  • The big win of data – providing coaching for exactly what people need to improve performance, which leads to greater profitability for the company


Special Guest

Vinay Raman


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