Do you want to better understand ways to lead with a growth mindset? Are you committed to building a culture of not only physical safety but psychological safety? Are you looking for ways to lead differently in the construction and engineering industries?


Our special guest Michael Fisher (UK) answers these and other questions about leadership, people development and culture building in the construction industry and beyond.


Michael Fisher is a civil engineer is with an organization called RPS Europe and the host of a podcast called Leadership in Construction. Michael is a self-described leadership entrepreneur, as well as being dyslexic and a father of four.


Michael not only works in designing and building structures, including airport facilities, but he’s dedicated to redefining leadership in the construction industry.


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Technical skills don’t equal leadership skills
  • Creating a safe place for people to speak up
  • Defining what is great leadership
  • Leadership is creating environments where people can feel psychologically and physically safe … and bring their best selves to the to the work
  • Trust is yours to lose
  • Correlations between leadership and parenting
  • Important role of empathy and humility in leadership
  • The more you talk about difficulties, the more you can collaborate
  • Unique leadership challenges in the construction industry
  • Importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in business and the construction industry
  • Impacts of a lack of psychological safety at work
  • Psychological safety requires active listening and a coaching style of leadership
  • Defining a fixed versus a growth mindset
  • Importance of understanding your peoples’ values and what’s important to them
  • Getting outside your comfort zone in order to grow your resilience
  • The power and empowerment of “not yet” thinking
  • Leaders must create a sense of purpose and belonging in their organization


Special Guest

Michael Fisher

Civil Engineer with RPS Europe and the Host of Leadership in Construction Podcast

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