Are you challenged by the world’s expectations of who you’re supposed to be? Do you struggle with worry, fear, stress and anxiety about what it means to be a man today? Are you looking for ways to reduce your stress, connect with other men and live more fully and authentically?


Our special guest Clay Smeltzer answers these and other questions about manhood, imposter syndrome, personal leadership and living your life more authentically.


Clay Smeltzer is the Founder of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood which helps driven men become the best version of themselves by Building, Battling and Bonding together. In short, getting men initiated into a family where they belong!


Clay was 35 years old and living by what the world and everyone else told him he should be. He was the “responsible man,” yet he was filled with worry, anxiety, anger, stress, negativity, shame, fear and the list went on. Then the shit hit the fan with a full-blown anxiety/panic attack over an episode of Game of Thrones and he decided to bring death to his old self. Out of those ashes came the new Purpose Infused Man. This change gave birth to the Purpose Infused Brotherhood and helping other men make those same changes and become the best version of themselves every single day!


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • A leader of one can be a leader of many – you can’t lead many until you can lead yourself
  • What man do you see in the mirror?
  • The two questions every man asks himself: 1. Am I good enough? 2. Do I have what it takes?
  • The realities of money beliefs and shadows, and their impacts in your life
  • Ways your subconscious programming creates the outcomes in your life
  • The vital journey of going into your own subconscious darkness to learn and grow
  • Becoming friends with pieces of yourself that you don’t like
  • Rising up from the ashes of your former self (living like a phoenix)
  • Unlearning your subconscious beliefs and reprogramming your beliefs to be more fulfilling
  • Finding your truth by going at least five levels deep in exploring your whys for your behaviors, fears, etc.
  • Understanding the ways our brain works and the ways it’s actually programmed
  • The value of a 45-day purposeful man journal
  • The impact on men of shoving things down
  • What it means to Build, Battle and Bond
  • Reprogramming our thinking regarding emotions
  • The reality of the strength in your emotions
  • The power of vulnerability in sharing your doubts, emotions and feelings
  • Being more thought reactive than emotionally reactive
  • Life formula: E + R = O … Event + Response = Outcome
  • What and why of the death of your old self


Special Guest

Clay Smeltzer

Founder of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood

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