Are you looking to grow your leadership? Are you committed to building a people-centric culture? Are you ready to move past the checklists and build an authentic culture?


Our special guest Katie McLaughlin answers these and other questions about engagement, leadership and culture building.


Katie McLaughlin is the Founder, Chief Strategist and Transformation Artist at the McLaughlin Method, an organization that provides leadership and culture transformation for mature startups. They help leaders create inclusive cultures, build emotional intelligence, and work through their assumptions and biases so they can actually connect with and get the MOST out of their teams.


Katie does this all through interactive, experiential, theatre-based exercises. Her bias for action is HIGH so attendees to her sessions always leave with at least one action item to immediately do to shift something in your behavior, relationships, and company. Working with Katie you benefit from the powerhouse combo of her theatre background and over 15 years in the heart of business strategy, organizational development, and change management.


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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Culture challenges and opportunities in the dynamics of start-ups
  • Good culture intention versus great culture execution
  • Organizations and cultures are ever changing, living, breathing things
  • Challenges of change management in growing organizations
  • Understanding two culture inflection points the past two years – COVID pandemic and rapid growth companies due to aggressive hiring or acquisitions
  • Acquisitions and mergers require inclusive integration conversations and strategies
  • Living your values versus simply having them posted on the wall
  • Different perspectives on the concept of out of the box thinking and innovation
  • Leaders must communicate more of what’s in their heads
  • The challenges and realities of assumptions and biases in our leadership, reactions, perspectives and decision-making
  • The intrinsic and insidious nature of assumptions and biases
  • Learning how to better deal with our emotions and the emotions of others in the workplace
  • Using theater in growing your leadership, communication, culture and engagement
  • What it means to really see your people as humans – moving beyond checklists to authentic culture
  • Culture is in the in-between moments
  • The critical role of intentionality in leadership and culture building
  • Role of biases in workplace communication and expectations
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Other people determine our emotional intelligence (not our own self-assessment)
  • You can’t control how someone feels (at best, you can only influence it)
  • Authentic leadership beyond leadership performance
  • Challenges and solutions for engaging a remote workforce
  • Leadership requires delegating things off of your plate


Special Guest

Katie McLaughlin

Founder, Chief Strategist and Transformation Artist at the McLaughlin Method,

an organization that provides leadership and culture transformation for mature startups

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