Are you looking for the secret sauce for remote and hybrid work? Are you struggling with engaging and communicating with your remote team? Do you want tools to help you lead and manage a remote team?


Our special guest Hoyin Cheung answers these and other questions about remote work, humanizing remote experiences and leading remote teams.

Hoyin Cheung is an entrepreneurial visionary with a knack for being ahead of the curve. Accurately predicting the social and psychological harms associated with social media, he moved on from his successful digital marketing agency to pursue the future of humanized digital interactions.

Today, Hoyin is the Founder and CEO of Remo, an interactive virtual event platform that humanizes the online event experience. He has pioneered technology and ground-breaking concepts in remote work and real-time virtual collaboration. In just over a year, Hoyin has grown Remo from 5 to over 100 members, all working globally. He’s currently passionate about creating authentic conversations that drive meaningful relationships in the most human way possible with the help of technology.

Remo’s events bring communities together built upon purpose and common interests and provide opportunities to grow and facilitate trust. This leads to organic relationships in the virtual space, as well as offline. These common factors create comfortable networking settings, setting the stage for real human interaction and creating deep connections that can last a lifetime. Hoyin believes this process is the most humane way to bring people together.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Strategies and platforms for bringing people together online in the most human and humane way
  • The importance of video in building trust, connection and relationships
  • Humanizing online experiences
  • Thinking differently about the remote experience (not just the remote work technology)
  • Creating space for spontaneous conversations online
  • Moving beyond productivity as the focus of remote work experiences and events
  • Ways that technology platforms can deliver more engagement during meetings, gatherings and events
  • Enhancing your online and remote networking events and experience
  • Assessing and navigating the camera on / camera off realities of online gatherings
  • Unique challenges of remote and hybrid work
  • Impact of remote work on meetings quantity and quality
  • Role and importance of a communication charter in your business
  • Key tools for managing remote work forces
  • Challenges of boundaries with remote and hybrid work
  • Rethinking meetings and length of meetings
  • Remote works requires minimizing meetings (not expanding them)
  • Role of physical boundaries at home in holding work boundaries
  • Critical role of policies and processes when managing a remote team


Special Guest

Hoyin Cheung

CEO of Remo, an interactive virtual event platform that humanizes the online event experience

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